C1382 Security Fencing Works

Project Details

The project comprises of infrastructure enhancement including design in architecture and structural, submissions to Authorities, construction and complete the new security measures and enhancement works to the existing infrastructures protecting the MRT tracks and facilities.

The design, supply and installation associated with the security fencing / hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) measures including crash rated bollard / walls along track sides / depots / expressways. The project in addition involve the design of flood prevention system for water tightness.

The design and construction of the works would have interfacing with other contractors, utility agencies and stakeholders. During the progress of the project, work at the MRT existing tracksides/ portals and on / besides Roads are to be closely work along with SMRT and LTA for the interfacing. In overall, the project involved detailed study, design and conscientious construction programme scheduling.

Client LTA
Completion Date On-Going

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