Improvement to Open Drain from Sin Ming Road to Marymount Lane

Project Details

The scopes of Works involves in demolition, design, procurement, construction, installation and commission of all works associated with the reconstruction of the open U-drain deepening to additional depth ranging from 700mm to 900mm. With the widening of existing 5.2m wide open drain (540m long) to a width of 7m to 10m wide, the existing TWO (2) pedestrian bridges which is located over the drain were to be restructured incorporating with planted boxes on both sides. The rigid construction of the widen drain is soften with the planting of landscape works. The project consist of others work related such as diversion of sewer lines and water mains. The project is to co-ordinate closely with existing service providers and the stake holders next to the affected reconstruction works. The entire construction works progress had ensured safe and smooth flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The project was a success completion within a duration 27 months.

Client PUB
Completion Date 28 October 2013
Location Sin Ming Road to Marymount Lane

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