Kim Chuan Demolition

Project Details

Demolition of Singapore Oldest Water Reclamation Plant and Serangoon Sludge Treatment Works and Reinstatement of Land.

Major scope of works:

  • Grouting of underground piping with liquefied soil stabilizer of dia 300mm dia to 2000mm dia approximately 15,000m3
  • Demolition of existing super structure (20m above ground) and substructure (underground depth up to 15m) including ERSS
  • Disposal of 20,000m3 of sludge.
  • Removal of M&E plants and equipments
  • Earthworks for cut and fill and disposal amounting to approximately 500,000m3
  • Construction of 600mm to 800mm RC drains up to 2m depth
Client PUB
Completion Date May 2013

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