ABC Waters at Kolam Ayer

Project Details

The scope of works included in this Project comprises the development of complete designs, construction of the works, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning to a functional and operational Kallang River including the supply of the appropriate designing team (inclusive of Professional Engineer, Geotechical Engineer, Landscape Consultant, Structural Design Engineer, Accredited checker), project team and specialist subcontractors.

The works comprising of, but not limited, to the following items:

  • Civil and structural works for addition and alteration works to existing viewing deck, proposed fixed decks and floating deck with adjustable link bridges, including piling, concrete and steel works and other works such as footpath, dry creek and concrete planter boxes at slope of embankment.
  • Architectural works comprising of timber floor finishes on fixed decks and floating pontoon, aesthetic handrails, Water wheel, Archimedes Screws, footpaths and vehicular pavement, signages and access provisions.
  • Landscaping works for the whole stretch of project site including proposing softscapes and hardscapes layout and plants, preparation of site and planting and maintenance during construction period.
  • Realignment of existing drain to compromise with the new outlook of the landscape and for use of storm-water runoff collection.
  • Electrical works comprising of taping required power supply from existing substation for supply to all new external lightings interfacing with existing electrical fixtures on-sites including all safety and regulatory approvals from all relevant authorities.
Client PUB
Completion Date February 2008

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